Are Canning Jars OK for Freezing?

by Sandi
(Windsor, CO, USA)

Question: I'm wondering if I can use glass canning jars for freezer storage.

Answer: Hi Sandi,

You can use canning jars for freezer storage but you must leave head space. That extra space is critical because if you don't leave enough space when the food freezes and expands it will crack the jar.

Also be careful bringing the glass from one extreme temperature to another. Putting a hot jar in the freezer or a frozen jar in the microwave or in hot water can make it break.

Canning jars are not my favorite freezer containers because you have to thaw your food to get it out of the jar, unless you get jars with straight sides.

Plus canning jars take a fair amount of space and don't stack all that well in the freezer. Square and rectangular shapes are better.

So, if you got 'em than use 'em, but don't buy canning jars for the freezer for everyday use.

Hope that helps,

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freezer canning jars NEW
by: Anonymous

Use only wide mouth straight side jars...ones with the shoulders will break all the time..

Canning jars NEW
by: ravi

This website on freezing foods gives good insight on various things that you should look for while canning and freezing food. The reference about leaving head space in canning jars is very true, else the jar will crack when the food expand on cooling.
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