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Freezing Nuts and Seeds: How to Store Them Longer and Keep Them Fresher

Freezing nuts and seeds keeps them fresher longer and prevents them from going rancid. Ideal for bakers, chefs and anyone who buys in bulk or on sale.

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Easy Homemade Biscuits Recipe

Homemade biscuits are light and flaky. Don’t waste money buying canned biscuits at the grocery store, you can made these ahead and freeze them, then bake from frozen.

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Save Time and Money By Freezing Chicken

Freezing chicken is a great way to save money when poultry goes on sale. Plus cooked frozen chicken makes for quick and easy meals on busy nights.

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The Ideal Freezer Temperature To Keep Your Food Fresher Longer.

Set your ideal freezer temperature to keep food safe while preserving quality and nutrients. Plus a simple energy saving tip to help your freezer stay cold.

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Refreeze Food That Thawed? Is it safe.

Learn to refreeze food safely and what quality to expect. Quick reference tips for each type of food group.

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How To Defrost A Freezer Fast

How to defrost a freezer painlessly. Can you scrape the ice out? Boiling water, fans, blow driers do they help? Find out here, because I've tried it all.

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Prepare Your Freezer For A Power Outage: Tips to Save + Salvage

Prep your freezer for a power outage so things stay frozen longer, can be eaten as the thaw and are clean up if necessary.

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Two things that get me through the winter.

During the summer I grow peppers. Green, yellow and red. I cut them up and put them in freezer bags and lay them flat in the freezer. I like to have some

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Parchment Paper?

Q: Which is better for freezing with parchement paper or waxed paper? And how are they made? Do they have toxic chemicals that can leach into food over

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Easy Homemade Pancake Recipe

This homemade pancake recipe allows you to throw away those overpriced boxed mixes and cook a delicious breakfast at home. Plus you can make them ahead.

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Does honey freeze well?

Hi...does honey freeze well? (like in peanut butter/honey sandwiches?) Thanks! A Lori, When honey gets too cold it crystalizes. It's ok cooking in a

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Anita's Healthy Meatballs

Hi thanks for your website, it has helped me to spend less time im my kitchen. I really don't enjoy cooking, but making meals ahead of time it's actually

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Freezing Christmas Treats

Am I able to freeze christmas treats such as rum balls, truffles, macaroons, christmas cake made with glace fruit (glass cake) fudge, rocky road? Regards

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Meal Planning Ideas |Tips and Advice on How to Easily Prepare a Menu

Meal Planning Ideas | Simple tips and practical advice to make dinner time easily, saving your time and your precious sanity.

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Meal Planning Questionnaire

Meal Planning Questionnaire: What struggles are you having with your meal plans, what you do want to accomplish,?

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Adapting recipes for the freezer

I am looking at give OAMC ago, but need to know how to adapt recipes for the freezer. The majority of recipes that I use do not indicate if freezing is

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Freezing Food Crash Course

The Freezing Food Crash Course: A guilt-free guide to making evenings more peaceful and dinner more simple for working moms who want to take even better care of their families.

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Your Biggest Fustration

Please, tell me about your fustrations cooking and preparing meals. . . with a handy dany "Does It Freeze?" printable chart on top.

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Quick Easy Dessert Recipes You Can Make Ahead

Quick easy dessert recipes that you can make ahead mean you don't have a hassle after dinner. What good is a great dessert if you're not relaxed to enjoy it?

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Aluminum Pans

Aluminum Pans | Learn about freezer safe pans and containers, how to freeze food plus more.

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