Ice Cream Containers

Ice Cream!

Ice Cream!

Q: Is it okay to freeze ice cream in an aluminum can? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using aluminum versus some other type of container?

A: I assume your asking about the best ice cream containers for homemade ice cream here since most people just leave the store bought stuff in whatever container they bought it in.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by an aluminum can. An aluminum container would be fine. But if you mean a can like the canned good you buy at the grocery store I'd avoid that. You wouldn't be able to reseal it and it'll probably have sharp edges where it was opened and it could rust which could then make you sick.

Here's a few tips for storing homemade ice cream:

- Use a freezer quality container.

- Put plastic food wrap (aka cling wrap) on the surface to help keep it from drying out and getting those ice crystals if it happens to refreeze.

- Avoid auto-defrost freezers (if possible) they change temperatures to defrost any ice but also partically defrost your foods and that's really bad for the texture of ice cream.

- Keep your ice cream away from the freezer door where the temperature is more stable.

Hope that helps!

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I have seen so many kinds of ice cream containers. I think among those containers aluminium can is better than others. So try to use aluminium cans and avoid other types. Thank you very much! home health care utah

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