Using plastic wrap and foil to freeze

I watched a cooking demo (mashed potatoes with goat cheese). The chef cooled the dish then put plastic wrap over the top followed by heavy duty foil. He said to reheat the dish to put the whole thing (plastic wrap, too) into a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. He contended that this was a little secret that restaurant chefs used all the time.

Are you acquainted with this method?

Rose Kreher

Hi Rose,

First and foremost, plastic wrap should not be put in the oven regardless of brand. (Sources: Glad Cling Wrap Under the bold headline Glad Cling Wrap and Saran Wrap.)

Heavy duty foil is actually a freezer quality material that prevents freezer burn, plastic wrap on the other hand is not. So you can leave off the plastic wrap and just use the foil to the same effect without worrying about putting plastic wrap in the oven.

So with that covered, yes I have heard of the technique. Many people like to bake their mashed potatoes or make mashed potato casseroles.

Just about any recipe will work as long as all the add ins, like the goat cheese, can be frozen. Here a list of foods that do and don't freeze well.

Did you take note of what kind of pan he used? Some glass pans will shatter going from the cold temperatures in the freezer to the hot temperatures in the oven. Silicone would work fine from the freezer to the oven, but you'll want to freeze the silicone pan full of potatoes on a cookie sheet to keep it nice and flat and easy to stack. A metal pan, like many restaurant chefs use would also work fine and you won't need the cookie sheet.

While this method is great for a big family or a big holiday meal for an everyday side dish I use a different method of freezing make ahead mashed potatoes since it's just me and my husband.

We freeze mashed potatoes in scoops on a cookie sheet then store them in a plastic freezer bag. Use a metal scoop like an ice cream scoop with the wire spring that pushes the contents out. This way we can have one or two servings each without any leftovers. Heat in the microwave and they are ready in minutes.

One last tip for mashed potatoes; I've had better luck with waxy, low starch potatoes like reds than with high starch potatoes like russets. The higher starch ones can get grainy in the freezer.

All the best,

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Frozen mashed potato
by: Chris

I LOVE mashed potato but live alone. I've recently started the 'flash freezing' on a cookie sheet of serving sizes and was wondering how to do it with mashed potato. I will most certainly put my ice cream scoop to use. Thank you!

Freezing Mashed Potatoes
by: Michelle Zack

Hi Chris,
Since you've already got flash freezing down and have a cookie scoop you'll find this easy.

Here's the method I use for individual servings of mashed potatoes.

Reply NEW
by: Xavi

Plastic wrap and foil are used to freeze the dish. This method has been doing in all restaurants. Actually it is used to keep the food items fresh. Heavy duty foil is available in all supermarkets. So if you have the heavy duty foil in your home, just try it. Elie Tahari handbags

Freezer foods NEW
by: katherin peter

For storing food, when do you use each type of covering. I tend to use each interchangeably when covering salads, meats or pasta leftovers in bowls. Plastic wrap is far more capable of making an air resistant layer of protection. A glass container wrapped with the right kind of plastic can be liquid and air tight whether cold or in microwave. It is used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. Common plastic wrap is roughly 0.5 mils or 12.5 micrometer thick. falcon marketing

Re: Freezer Foods NEW
by: Deborah Hall

Mashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese dish was good. But the method followed by the Chef I don’t agree. After completing the dish why the plastic wrap was covered I don’t know. It was not that much safe to eat. Other than that how can he reheat the dish along with the plastic wrap. I don’t think so, Instead of putting plastic wrap we can use oven containers and plates for safety precautions. I am suggesting I am not blaming anybody. Plastic Wrap is not that much good. visit this page

Using plastic wrap and foil to freeze NEW
by: Anonymous

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Using plastic wrap and foil to freeze NEW
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plastic wrap is fine in the oven NEW
by: sneakyTiki

plastic wrap is fine in the oven, as long as it's covered by foil, which prevents it from melting.. the plastic wrap creates an airtight seal around the pan, and the foil prevents it from melting.. chefs do it all the time to braise things

Great idea NEW
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DTSukLondon NEW
by: DTSlondon

I LOVE squashed potato however live alone. I've as of late begun the 'blaze solidifying' on a treat sheet of serving sizes and was considering how to do it with crushed potato. I will unquestionably put my dessert scoop to utilize. Much obliged to you!

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Many people like to bake their mashed potatoes or make mashed potato casseroles.
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by: Anonymous

you can leave off the plastic wrap and just use the foil to the same effect without worrying about putting plastic wrap in the oven.
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Using plastic wrap and foil to freeze NEW
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