Welcome to the Favorite Freezer Foods Ezine Issue #6: Eat Well, Feel Great and Lose Weight

January 4, 2010

What’s New This Month?
Eat Well, Feel Great and Lose Weight
Prepare Your Freezer For the New Year

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What‘s New This Month?

On the home front: Am I the only person who didn't realize we were starting a new decade until Dec 31 st? Seriously, I though I was doing good with some goals for this year and then I find out it's a new decade. Yeah, well maybe I'll decide on some 10 year goals in the next week or two.

In the mean time as we renovate at the new place I'm more grateful than ever for my freezer. It's in the bedroom with the microwave and crock pot because I can't cook in the kitchen when it's covered in sawdust, filled with power tools and my husband's working on the renovation.

On www.FavoriteFreezerFoods.com: > Last month I added a section for you to ask your freezer cooking questions. A few people have taken advantage of it but I know some of you still have questions, so ask away!

Eat Well, Feel Great and Lose Weight

Sure new years is over but it's not to late for a new resolution. Instead of resolving to lose weigh resolve to savor and enjoy your food. Seriously.

It's called mindful eating and it's as easy and as hard as turning off the TV, stepping away from the computer, putting the phone away and focusing on your what your eating. Sitting down, and not in the car, help too. Taste your food, be aware of how much your eating, how hot or cold it is, the subtle flavors and the various textures.

When you're aware of your food you might decide you don't really want that side of cold fries, soggy salad or fast food burger.

Mindful eating is easier to sustain than a crash diet or a diet change like becoming vegetarian or going low carb for weigh loss. If losing weigh is the only reason for the diet change you'll be craving what you gave up and when you go off your diet you'll put the pounds back on because you changed back to your old ways. Real weight management is about lifestyle not diets.

When your aware of your food you'll feel more satisfied leading you to eat less without counting calories. Allowing yourself to savor and indulge in your favorite foods means you won't feel deprived and want to binge eat.

Losing weight, eating well and feeling great is that easy.

Come join me on Facebook. You’ll get a sneak peak of what I’m preparing for the site and links to recipes from other bloggers I’ve seen on the web and loved along with tips on how to freeze, thaw and cook them.

Prepare Your Freezer For the New Year

It's cold outside, we've hit -60 a few times. I even got mild frostbite on my hands for the first time ever this year. But this weather has one benefit, it's perfect for keeping your food frozen while you thaw your freezer and prepare it for the new year.

This is the perfect time now that the holiday rush is over.

First and foremost you have to take out all your food. This is the ideal time to throw away those lost and forgotten things from last year like that recipe you doubled before you tested it and then hated, the freezer burnt chicken or the old ice cream.

Next comes the fun part, defrosting the freezer. Actually the last time I defrosted mine, before the move in November, was the first time my cat got involved. Watching him stare at and try to pounce on dripping water and chunks of ice was quite amusing.

Once the freezer is thawed give it a quick clean with some baking soda and water solution. No need to use chemicals in your freezer near your food. Turn it back on and add your frozen food.

Now fill in your freezer inventory sheet as you repack your freezer. This way you know exactly what you have and can keep track and the year goes by.

Put any raw meats at the bottom, cooked meals with meat above that, fruits and vegetables above that and baked goods at the very top. With this organization if your freezer happens to thaw you don't have to worry about raw meat leaking onto other foods. Last but not least add a sealed freezer bag full of ice cubes. If your freezer has a power out the ice cubes will melt and you'll have an know if the temperature dropped enough for your frozen foods to start melting.

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Eat Well!
Michelle (and Trent) Zack


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