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March 4, 2010

What’s New This Month?
Personal Coaching
Pantry Challenge

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What‘s New This Month?

On the home front: We've been doing some spring cleaning. Yes, I know that it's still bitterly cold out and there's so much snow I need to put the truck in four wheel drive just to get out of the driveway. But it's been spring cleaning none the less.

I chalk it up to my husband being stuck home as his back heals. For those of you that wrote me last month thank you. He finally saw the specialist on the 1st and the diagnosis is no longer auto-immune but back to a pinched nerve- yes he's still in pain after nearly two months.

At least winter is a great time to defrost the freezer since we can just put stuff outside without worrying about it defrosting.

On www.FavoriteFreezerFoods.com: I'm still adding more on freezer containers but you can check out the links from the freezer containers page to learn about some cool stuff like plastic bakeware, disposable (paper and aluminum) pans, glass pans and more.

The e-course I hinted at last month is on hold. Instead I'm offering private coaching where you can learn those advanced techniques.

Personal Coaching

Would you like help with meal planning and freezer cooking? I can't stir the pot or freeze dinner for you but I can hold your hand, metaphorically.

If you're interested in personalized, individual help stocking your freezer and getting healthy meals on the table check out my new private coaching program.

How does it work? We'll talk over the phone and use a process know as GROW during your coaching session.

First we'll set your Goals. These could be related to your budget, your busy schedule or the types of foods you want to eat more or less of.

Then we'll talk about your Reality, what is working that you're doing now and the things that are holding you back from where you want to be.

Next, I'll give you some Options that can help to bridge the gap between your reality and your goals.

Once we've settled on the best option we'll end our session talking about What you can do next so you have practical steps you can start taking immediately to help you reach your goal(s).

Then we'll schedule a follow up session to see how those steps worked and continue evaluating what's best for you.

Learn more about private meal planning and freezer cooking coaching.

Pantry Challenge

As gas -and other- prices go up again and incomes stay the same or go down one place a lot of people cut back is their food budget.

We all know the basics; cook and eat at home, buy on sale, waste less, cut back on meat but a pantry challenge can be even better.

Essentially a pantry challenge is eating what you've got instead of shopping. You meal plan and cook based on what you've already bought.

The challenge can end when you've used up all the ingredients you wanted to use or after a set amount of time.

You also get to set your own budget and rules such as buying perishables like fruits, veggies and dairy, ingredients to complete meals or only using what you have on hand.

Not Just For Saving Money: Pantry challenges are also great if you're getting ready for a vacation and don't want the food in your fridge to spoil. The same idea applies for your freezer if you live somewhere with a chance of seasonal power outs like hurricane season on the south-eastern coast.

Instead of throwing out things you never get around to cooking you get a chance to try them and test new recipes.

Sometimes it's just a great way to get around to things you've been procrastinating using.

For example, last week we started our own pantry challenge and opened up a bag of wheat germ bought in October! We tested it in smoothies and while the texture is fine and it adds fiber plus lots of nutrients (calcium, iron, vitamin E, the B vitamins, iron and a bunch more) it makes your smoothie kind of bitter so you need more sweetener. Who knew?

And FYI, if you try wheat germ store it in the freezer so it maintains those nutrients longer.

While you're empting your freezer during your pantry challenge it's an ideal time to defrost the freezer and organize it.

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Eat Well!
Michelle Zack


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