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September 4, 2009

What’s New This Month?
Sur La Table Stock Up and Save Sale
Homemade Pizza!

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What‘s New This Month?

On the home front: Can you believe we’re thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas already? Here in Canada Thanksgiving is next month. And because I’m originally from the States we celebrate American Thanksgiving too. I’m also starting to make and freeze ahead some of my favorite cookie recipes for Christmas time.

On www.FavoriteFreezerFoods.com: This month there will be a new section where I’ll be adding some favorite marinade recipes for you.

Pork loin is a really great, tender cut of meat and I’ll be adding a page about to cook it. If it’s not something you usually buy you have to try one, you’ll love it.

And in the spirit of getting ready for the Holidays, I’ll teach you about freezing baked cookies or cookie dough.

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Sur La Table Stock Up and Save Sale

Sur La Table is one of the best places to buy cookware online and this month they are running their “stock up and save sale.” If your looking for some new pots and pans, bakeware or dishes, check it out.

Is it too early to think about buying Christmas gifts? Maybe a new roasting pan for that Thanksgiving turkey then?

Sur La Table Tri-Ply Cookware Sale - 20% to 40% off

Sur La Table Bakeware Sale - 20% to 40% off Cookie sheets and cookie cutters are on sale. If you don’t already have a cooling rack for Christmas baking this is a great chance to get one.

All Sur La Table Porcelain - 20% off

Sales end on the 30th of this month.

Homemade Pizza!

Everybody loves pizza but ordering out can be like ordering a heart attack with all the salt and fat on your typical delivery pizza and your paying a fair sized chunk of cash for it.

Let me tell you about the worst pizza I ever had.

It was May of last year and my husband and I had just moved to Humboldt, Saskatchewan. We had an eight hour drive and spent the rest of the day unloading the moving truck; just the two of us. When it came time for dinner we decided on pizza.

So we went to the local pizza joint and ordered two medium pizzas. $40 plus tax and tip.

I think they forgot to put salt in the crust, it was bland, and it smelled and tasted like yeast. There couldn’t have been a quarter cup of sauce on the whole pizza and when you took a bit all the cheese came off leaving you when a limp, paper thin, soggy crust with no sauce.

It was so bad we opened our empty fridge and looked for something else! In desperation, we ate it for dinner, it was too late to get anything else and the leftovers went in the trash.

I had to learn to make pizza myself cause I wasn’t ever going to eat that again.

Frozen Pizza Crust
Getting the crust right and giving it time to rise is the hardest part of making pizza at home. I’ve also found that the crust can be the hardest part to bake because our home ovens don’t get as hot as those used in restaurants.

Here’s how I get around that problem: Par-bake the crust.

Seriously, crank your oven to 500 and bake your pizza crust on a cookie sheet for 3 minutes then take it out. This is just enough to give the crust that little oomph and keep it from getting soggy when you add your toppings.

Par baked crusts freeze great and can be topped and baked from frozen. Voila! 100% homemade pizza, on weeknights in less than 25 minutes. That’s faster than delivery anyway.

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