If you can spare a minute or two I'd like to tell you a story.

A story about how I got slapped in the face with the obvious yet often overlooked reality that life is too short.

On Monday April 11, 2011 my mom called. It was odd because just the day before, on my little brother's birthday, I had talked to her and we don't usually talk daily.

She said that my little brother's thirty-four day old daughter went to bed last night and didn't wake up in the morning.

On Sunday night my mom said I'd have to come 'home' soon to see my twin nieces and I though "I've got plenty of time, they're only a month old." I was home that week Thursday and never saw my niece Nevaeh, never saw the twins together.

It was too late.

Just like that.

There one day, gone the next.

That's life.

That's why we have to live each day to the fullest, that's why we have to cherish the times we have together, because when you wake up tomorrow it might be gone.

That slap in the face has inspired a lot of changes in me and for a while I wasn't sure if Favorite Freezer Foods would make the cut.

But life is too short to be stressed out about dinner. Dinner should be a time to relax and reconnect daily with your family not another hurdle to leap over before the day is done.

And that my friends is why I want to make some changes to the Favorite Freezer Foods website, ezine and Facebook page, to you make mealtimes easy.

So, if you can spare another minute or two please click over to https://www.favoritefreezerfoods.com/your-biggest-fustration.html take the questionnaire and tell me what your biggest fustrations are.

You're responses will determine where Favorite Freezer Foods goes from here.

And, as a thank you, you'll get a printable PDF of my "Does It Freeze?" chart. A little cheat sheet telling you, at a glance, what you can freeze and what you can't.

All the best, Michelle Zack


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