Saving money on groceries is one of the biggest reasons people start freezer cooking.
And it's a brilliant reason.
Obviously, if you're eating a homemade meal from the freezer instead of ordering take out or delivery you're going to save some cash.
Plus, going to the store less often, with a meal plan and grocery list in hand, means less impulse purchases saving you time and money.
Then there is what I call "Budget Keepers." Budget Keepers are things that you'd buy anyway that you can buy on sale or in bulk at a discounted rate to freeze for later.
Here are just a few examples:
Buying in bulk isn't always cheaper . . . and it certainly isn't cheaper if the meat goes bad in the fridge. But, if you break it down into meal sized portions and freeze it then you're saving money.
You can also buy manager's specials and mark downs to stock your freezer.

I recommend you buy frozen veggies instead of buying fresh in the grocery store and freezing them at home. Not only will you save time washing and cutting veggies but you pour out what you need and the rest go back in the freezer. No wilting broccoli in the fridge to throw away. Buy your frozen veggies on sale and you really get some bang for your buck.
Pro tip:
I also keep a scrap bag of produce in the freezer for making chicken broth. Whenever I clean carrots the ends and peel go in the bag. Same with onion skin and my celery base. Then, when I want to make broth I dump out my scrap bag, add my chicken bones and let it simmer away.

Dry Goods
Did you know that you can freeze flour? Actually, bags of flour can have little bugs, called flour weevils, in them. Freezing the bag of flour for 24 hours kills the bugs and their eggs. (Don't worry, they're harmless to eat - but they are gross.)
Also, more nutrient dense flours like whole wheat, rye and seven-grain can go rancid, they usually last about 6 months. But, you can store them in the freezer to extend their shelf life.
Nuts can also go rancid fast but storing them in the freezer keeps 'em fresh.
So there's just a few ways you can stock your freezer with Budget Keepers and save some time and money.
What's your favorite money saving freezer tip? Let me know on Facebook at .

Eat well,

P.S. Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 14th, I'll be hosting a my first webinar on freezer cooking then. I'll send more info this Thursday.


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