Last week we talked about having a meal plan and I asked what stops you from creating and following one for yourself.

Leslie's comment summed it nicely saying, "[Her] family is so picky and the lack of time and uncontrollable cravings" stop her from meal planning. Seems like these three points ring true for most of us.

Being picky wasn't much of an option in my house when I was growing up. I know 'cause I was that picky kid. My mom would take out of portion of meal before finishing it and that was what I got. Period.

She'd take a few scoops of pasta to serve me without the sauce everyone else would be eating. Or take out a few scoops of sloppy joe meat before adding peppers for everyone else. But she would never dream of making more than one meal.

Are you running a restaurant or your family's kitchen? Sometimes you just have to say no with love.

My mom also planned for some make-your-own meals. Like French Bread pizza where everyone put on their own toppings.

AND, if you're lacking time you need a meal plan even more!

You don't have time to waste with should, could or would; "I could make spaghetti and meatballs. . . no meatballs in the freezer; I should have checked yesterday. . . no fresh ground beef; I would have pulled some to thaw last night . . . not sure I have time to thaw a pack right now and then start dinner. " Then the process repeats with the next idea.

Not only is this kind of thought process a waste of time but you are beating yourself up day after day. You really don't need to do that.

With a meal plan you know what you're making, so you can buy everything when you grocery shop and make sure it's thawed the night before. Then, when you get home you're just cooking or reheating. No should, could or would's required.

And lastly, let's talk about uncontrollable cravings.

Schedule them.

Yes, really.

When I meal plan I leave the meal for shopping day open. So if I shop for the week on Saturday I don't plan anything for Saturday night's dinner. It's spontaneous. I let myself be inspired by what's at the store. If I see something I want that becomes dinner on shopping day.

And when I have a week where I'm running low on ideas, than Sunday can be spontaneous too. But I buy everything on that Saturday shopping trip. Because staying out of the grocery store means I spend less and waste less, plus it saves time.

And the honest truth is that when you schedule meals you like in advance (like Monday through Friday) and you spend days anticipating them, you'll be excited to eat them.

Are those some tips you can use? Hit reply and let me know.

Eat well,


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