Cooking Turkey Made Easy , Everything you Need to Know.

Cooking turkey can seem overwhelming but, my easy recipe along with all the tips and techniques here make it simple.

I always look forward to a beautiful bird for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And pulling a container of Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup out of the freezer weeks later makes a quick meal that feels like another holiday.

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Low fat and high protein content make turkey a great everyday meat. So consider cooking it even after the holidays.

You get iron. Yes iron, it’s not just in beef. And zinc, phosphorus, potassium, niacin(B3) and other B vitamins. For the lowest fat, highest protein intake don’t eat the skin. Turkey also has less saturated fats than most meats.

One serving of turkey, 3.5 ounces, is about the size and thickness of a deck of playing cards.

Picking the right turkey for your family is essential. Learn what size you need and what quality to expect from different grades before you buy so you can make the best decision.

Reading the labels can get confusing. How old is a young turkey? Does it matter if you buy a Hen or a Tom? How do you know if your turkey was ever frozen? A simple guide to understanding turkey labels can answer tons of questions.

Thawing a frozen turkey? Don't be afraid to start to soon. Better a fully thawed turkey in the fridge for a day than trying to pull out frozen giblets.

Roast Turkey is the classic center of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Use the proper pan, right oven temperature and do not over cook. Roasting times included because no one remembers that kind of information year to year.

And don't forget the leftovers. The carcass also makes a great homemade broth.

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