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Hi, my name is Michelle Zack.

And I'm pleased to guide you through on your quest to serve healthier meals to your family while saving yourself time and money by utilizing your freezer.

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I know what it's like to wonder what's for dinner.

To start a meal and find out I'm missing ingredients.

I know the daily drudgery of being tired and hungrgy while trying to figure out what to make.

How tempting it is to order delivery.

And how guilty I feel when I think of all the extra salt, fat and calories in that "fast" food.

But I also know something else, how to get homemade meals on the table with minimal effort on nights I just don't have the time energy or motivation to cook.

And I can teach you how to do the same thing.

Evening are so much calmier when you know what's for dinner and it's a snap to serve.

You'll really love regaining that sense of control, enjoying dinner and knowing that you're family is eating less processed foods. You'll be able to relax in the evening.

It's glorious.

So, I'd like to share my story about how and why I started freezer cooking because you'll probably find you can relate.

Shortly after my husband and I got married we bought a beautiful 14.3 cubic foot Kenmore freezer.

At first it was exciting. The freezer above the fridge in our apartment was useless; if we tried to freeze a pound of ground beef the milk in the fridge went bad.

But with a real freezer I could buy meat more than three to four days in advance. No more bi-weekly trips to the grocery store.

Then I realized we had too much freezer space and it became my personal mission to fill it all.

At the time my hubby was working swing shift, too. We'd often have to stay awake or set an alarm to get up in time to go grocery shopping. This was in High River, Alberta, Canada with no 24 hour grocery stores or restaurants nearby.

I had to have groceries in the house. But because of the swing shift I was often too darn tired to cook at 'dinner time!' You might know what that feels like.

So, I learned how to prepare ingredients and even whole meals in advance so that we could have healthy, homemade meals even when 'swinging' to a new shift and cooking during an overly hungry, sleep deprevatated coma.

That extra freezer space was a blessing.

After that I got a chance to really test my skills. My husband and I took a live-in-manager position in a motel. And as we worked full time and lived in our suite we were renovating in.

When we moved in the place was ulgy and awkard, plus the front desk staff had to walk through the kitchen to get to the basement if any of the electrical breakers in the place blew.

We moved everything that would usually be in cupboards or the pantry into our bedroom. Even the freezer, microwave and crockpot(on top of the microwave; Isn't that where you keep yours? ;).

Then we ripped out the old kitchen and started building a hallway.

I insisted on being able to cook the whole time. Believe me, no carpenter wants a fridge and stove in his way. Since we were running the place while doing the reno it took a while.

My brother-in-law helped with the subfloor. See my aluminum foil and hot pads on the top of the ladder about a foot above the nail gun case?

Almost every night I made them clean up the construction mess so I could cook. My husband put out plywood for me to use as a countertop and I started really using the zoom on my camera.

I think it was a bit too much zoom zoom sometimes.

After dinner every dish got washed (sometime in the staff kitchen, sometimes in the bathtub) so it could go back into our bedroom to be put 'away.'

I kind of liked that cozy little kitchen as came along. And I loved the tile countertop. Never did see it all finished though, after 8 months we decided the job wasn't for us, it was simply too many hours and we didn't like being on call 24/7/365 like that.

Yeah, 8 months of renovation. See why I insisted on being able to cook. Who could eat out for that long?

Frankly, without a meal plan and some of the time saving skills I learned about using my freezer I don't know how we would have made it through that - at least with our health intact.

At this point, there are few things we have not tried to freeze.

We’ve learned a few lessons and found some great recipes. I’ve bought too many chicken legs and not enough salmon fillets and learned to meal plan better.

Hardly a day goes by when my husband and I don’t eat something out of our freezer. A quick breakfast, a side of vegetables, bread for a lunchtime sandwich, a sweet dessert, or a whole freezer meal.

I created Favorite Freezer Foods to teach you how to use your freezer to make your life, or at least your meals and your grocery shopping, easier.

Eat Well,
~Michelle Zack

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