Alternatives to plastic

Are there any freezer containers besides plastic and glass on the market? Glass is expensive and takes up a lot of room in the freezer. I think my mother had wax coated cardboard boxes or something similar back in the 50s.

Answer: Those wax coated cardboard boxes aren't available in most stores and in today's market they might be coated in plastic instead of wax.

Amazon caries Novacart disposable paper pans that are freezer and oven safe.

They have loaf, rectangle and round shapes plus some novelity shapes like hearts and stars.

You can always line your glass pans in aluminum foil then freeze, remove from the pan and store in just the foil, that will save space.

The catch is that the foil tears easily. Aluminum pans are also available. However, aluminum can react to acidic foods.

Vacuum sealers require plastic bags, freezer paper is coated in plastic, silicone pans are made of plastic, short of aluminum there's few other materials for the freezer that aren't made with plastic.

There are some other metal pans, like stainless steel, but they're also expensive.

You can get BPA free plastic freezer containers from Amazon.

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