Can I freeze red wine?

I have a recipe that calls for 1/4 cup of red wine. I don't like red wine, so can I freeze the left overs in 1/4 cup portions and freeze those? I thought that I would freeze them in muffin tins and transfer to a freezer bag. Can I do this?

Freezing wine for drinking is not something experts agree on. They say the flavor can change, in particular that it is likely to be less acidic.

From a food safety perspective it's safe. And since you are cooking with it not drinking it you'll be fine. Just know that the flavor might change a bit.

The muffin tins is a great idea. I'd also suggest double bagging them (seal them in one bag then put that bag into a bigger freezer bag and seal that one too.) to keep the flavor from melding with other stuff in the freezer.

Never freeze an unopened bottle of wine.

Hope that helps,

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