Can you Freeze Salsa

by Alyce
(Muskegon, MI)

Freeze Salsa?

Freeze Salsa?

Question: I bought a huge bottle of store salsa, but we will never be able to eat it before it would go bad.

Can I freeze it? And if so, How?

Hi Alyce,

Yes, salsa freezes fine. Usually I'm adding salsa to something like a burrito so I use smaller portions. So I'd freeze it a tablespoon at a time in an ice cube try for single portions or in a silicone muffin pan for 1/4 cup portions and then transfer it to a labeled freezer bag.

Silicone pans are great because once your food is frozen it'll just pop right out.

You can also use small plastic containers.

Hope that helps :)

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Frozen Salsa with Frozen O.J. added
by: Anonymous

I use Frozen Juices to spice up my Salsas. Also freshly squeezed O.J. Sound crazy? It's not. It is delicious....Also add tomatoes, tomatillos, cilantro, green onion, freshly ground Ginger Root, etc. It is sooo good. Is this concoction O.K. to freeze? I have done it in the past and had to problems but someone recently told me you shouldn't refreeze Frozen O.J. Why?

Note from Michelle Yes, your recipe sounds great and you can freeze it.

Here's an article on refreezing food. You don't want to leave food out and then refreeze without cooking it. If you are just adding a bit of concentrate into your salsa and then freezing your salsa quickly after preparing it's not really a concern.

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