Cook Once A Week Book Review

Cook Once A Week: Eat Well Every Day
by Theresa Albert-Ratchford
ISBN-10: 1569243395
ISBN-13: 978-1569243398

Cook once a week, eat well every day is a pretty powerful promise but does this book live up to it? Do you really make 7 meals, or more in one day. Yes, it lives up to it's promise but no, it's not about making seven dishes in one afternoon.

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The book's recipes are designed for a family of four to cook four or five from scratch dishes each week. Then there are freezing instructions to keep the food safe for the week. "Grab and Go" suggestions give you ways to vary those four dishes and use them for quick lunch or dinners before you run out the door.

There are 12 weeks, a bonus kids week menu and a snack and dessert chapter. Each weeks menu includes a shopping list, completed with the ingredients for the grab and go suggestions.

The shopping list includes asterisks next to items needed for the Grab and go suggestions in case you decide not to use them, that way you know what not to buy. The grocery list is also nicely grouped so breads, meats, cheese and other similar products that you'll find in the same area on the grocery store shelves are also together on your list.

The recipes are a bit upscale and may seem intimidating and overly healthy to some. Theresa includes tips on getting your kids to eat them. The whole book is very health oriented with lots of ways in get in your veggies.

Theresa also includes cute family stories about how she got her kids to eat healthy stuff by hiding it in a sauce and sometimes by presenting it in a new way such as her Krispy Kale, seasoned baked kale leaves that her daughter loves.

There are a few color pictures in the center and a nutrition analysis in the back of the book. The index is well sorted by recipe name and ingredient.

If you want to create your own meal plan, mix and match dishes or are afraid your kids won’t like new things this book is not for you.

Cook Once A Week: Eat Well Everyday is great for someone thinking of starting to use freezer cooking and meal planning but without a lot of time, the money to buy tons of groceries and just a refrigerator freezer.

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