by Theresa
(Anaheim Ca.)

I've use the Don't Panic book for awhile. My 12 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Is there a freezer cook book out there that might help in this area? Thanks for your time.

Hi Theresa,

Sorry to hear about your daughter, she must be a bit scared about the diagonisis.

I wish there was a diabetic freezer cookbook, but unfortunately there isn't. However, there are some diabetes cook books that have make ahead and/or freezing instructions with some of the recipes.

Generally, when it's not a freezer cookbook they don't mark or give directions for all of the recipes that could be frozen but it's still a good place to start.

Offhand I can only think of one: The Diabetes Cookbook by DK publishing. I know it says type 2 but it's still got the nutrition info and should help. Ignore their suggested 1 month freezer times on some recipes and just plan to use everything within 3 months.

Hope that helps,
I'll see if I can find some more diabetes cookbooks with freezing directions for you.

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