Disposable Bakeware

Disposable bakeware is ideal for gift giving.

If you're just looking for easy clean up I recommend silicone pans, even without a dishwasher.

But if you don't want to worry about getting your pan back than something disposable is the best option.

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Not all disposable bake ware is suitable for the freezer, but those that are give you a lot of flexibility.

You can prepare homemade meals or treats and freeze them for yourself or to give as gifts later.

While aluminum pans are the first that come to mind there are also paper pans that make great freezer containers.

Paper bakeware is microwave safe, and those available on this page are freezer safe.

The oven safe temperature varies (390-475 F) depending on the brand.

Reduce oven temperature by 5-10% for paper bakeware and expect up to a 10% decrease in baking time.

So if you'd usually bake something at 375 F for one hour instead bake it at 340 F and expect it to be done in approximately 55 minutes.

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