Empty Freezer Temperature

Question: I recently had work done on my side by side and had the freon recharged. Upon restarting the appliance, I used a thermometer to check the temp. The fridge is at the proper temp on a lower setting but the freezer is turned on the highest setting and only gets to about 4 degrees above zero. Does this have anything to do with the freezer being empty? I put a jug of water in it and it froze in a short time.

Answer: No, the temperature has nothing to do with how much is in the freezer, being empty just means it takes more electricity to keep it that cold.

Water freezes at 32 F/0 C. The ideal freezer temperature is 0 F/-25 C because many foods require colder temperatures to freeze. For example turkey freezes at 28 F/ -2 C.

Thusly, water freezing doesn't mean your freezer is cold enough for food storage.

Being 4 F isn't ideal but your freezer is still usable. Just reduce recommended freezer storage times in half. So I wouldn't stock up more than a month or two worth of meals or frozen produce etc. unless you can get the temperature lower or use another freezer.

On the plus side your ice cream will be easier to scoop. :)

Hope that helps,

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