Flash Freeze Food and Reap the Benefits

You can flash freeze food to save time in the kitchen on busy nights.

Flash freezing means to quickly freeze food in individual pieces.

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flash freeze chicken

Having individual pieces of frozen food means you can take just as much as you need instead of freezing large portions and having to thaw than large portion and potentially wasting food.

How to Flash Freeze Food?

Do not try this technique with liquidy foods.

If the food is damp, like washed and sliced fruit, dry it with paper towels or a clean cloth first.

Cut it to the desired size before freezing.

Lay prepared food flat in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Technically a cookie sheet has no sides and the sides on a baking sheet help keep the food from sliding off as you move the sheet around the kitchen.

Place the baking sheet flat in the freeze for a few hours or until the food is completely frozen and then package it in a freezer container and add it to your freezer inventory sheet.

Tips for Flash Freezing Food

  • If your freezing a lot of food set your freezer to -10 the night before you start flash freezing. Learn more about freezer temperatures.
  • Decide what size you want to freeze your food in first. Remember that smaller pieces freeze and thaw faster and give you more flexibility. Thus slices of chicken cooked breast might be better than freezing a whole chicken breast.
  • Set a timer if you need to. Don't forget your food and leave it on the baking sheet or it will start to freezer burn as the cold air pulls it the moisture out of the exposed food.

Learn more about freezer cooking techniques.

Got questions? Ask me your freezer cooking questions and get answers.

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