Freezer Bags

Freezer bags are the easiest most versatile freezer container out there and are one of the cheapest ways to keep your frozen foods safe from freezer burn and oxidation.

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A good freezer container is moisture and vapor proof reducing the chances of freezer burn and oxidation, controlling odors and not affecting food.

They should also be tasteless, grease and water proof, odorless, easy to seal, label and clean, durable and resistant to the low temperatures of the freezer.

Once a product meets all these criteria we can call it a freezer quality storage container.

A freezer bag is specifically designed to have all of these features.

Using the right bags helps keep your frozen food safe and protect the time and money you invested in your freezer meals.

Don't Use Storage Bags
You can't just use any plastic bag to freeze food. Storage, snack and sandwich bags, for example, are not freezer quality.

The plastic bags that food is bought in at the grocery store is also not high enough quality for the freezer.

If the box doesn't say "freezer" on the label don't use those bags for frozen food storage.

Sizes of Freezer Bags
Keep an assortment of sizes available and you'll be ready to freeze anything.

2 Gallon or Jumbo
These are good for large items like whole chickens or casseroles. A 9 X 13 inch pan with no handles fits in this size pan.

Gallon or Large
These are one of the most versatile sizes and I always stay stocked up on them.

Gallon sized bags are deal for small casseroles, large pieces of meat like roasts or large amounts of fruits or veggies and they can hold a 9 X 9 inch pan without handles..

Quart or Medium
This is another size I keep stocked up on. Ideal for smaller family meals or side dishes.

Pint or Small
These ideal for individual servings. 1 pint (2 cups) is a meal sized serving of soup for 1 person.

Perfect for leftovers, small sides or individual serving of meals or desserts.

How to Use A Freezer Bag
Properly using a freezer bag is easy.

First you want to pick the right size for the quantity of food you are freezing.

Make sure the food is room temperature or colder, hot foods can melt the plastic bag and might partially thaw other food in the freezer.

Fill the bag and spread of the contents as much as possible so it's as flat as possible.

I usually lay the bag on a cookie sheet for this step.

The flat shape means foods freeze and thaw faster helping to maintain quality.

Flat packages also stack better in the freezer.

Remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag.

I use my hands or a straw for this step.

Taking out the extra air helps reduce freezer burn and protect your food.

Next freeze the package so it stays flat.

I use the cookie sheet for this too so the bag doesn't get ridges from the freezer shelf.

Once it's frozen solid you can take away the cookie sheet and stack the freezer bag.

Be sure to label, date and add the package to your freezer inventory sheet too.

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