Freezer Storage Containers

by Roula

Question: Which one of the following is not suitable packing material for food to be stored in a
A Polypropylene bags
B Plastic air tight containers
C Aluminum foil
D Vacuum packs

Hi Roula,

Let's take this one at a time.

A: Polypropylene is a type of plastic just like polyethylene. I'm not chemist but as far as I know it's not the type of plastic that makes it freezer quality but the thickness and the way it's manufactured. Both of these plastics can be used for freezer containers and for regular food storage containers.

So, regardless of if you choose polypropylene or polyethylene you want to make sure it says "freezer bag" or "freezer safe" and not "storage bag" or "food grade."

B: Being air tight is a start but not enough. You still need it to say it's designed for the freezer. An air tight plastic sour cream or yogurt container for example isn't designed for the freezer and won't stop freezer burn.

C: Aluminum foil is great in the freezer. A few tips to keep in mind when your using foil.

First, don't let it come in contact with acids like tomato sauce or vinegar. You can cover foods in plastic food wrap first to avoid contact.

Second, Aluminum foil tears easily and if it's got holes it's not gonna stop freezer burn. You could double wrap in the foil or use a plastic bag to help protect the foil from tearing.

Third, You have to seal the edges well. Google "Butcher wrap" and "Drugstore Wrap" to see two of the most common ways to wrap food so it's air tight.

D: Even with vacuum packs you have to make sure your using a freezer quality plastic bag. Once you have the right bag than vacuum sealing food is the best way to keep it fresh in the freezer. It's the tightest packaging and keeps food the longest.

That said not everything lasts forever in the freezer. Salty meats like bacon, sausage and lunch meat should only be frozen a few weeks according to food safety experts. The fats in fish can also go bad in the freezer so you should use fish within months of freezing it.

You can read more about freezer storage times and about freezer containers freezer containers.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Hope that helped!

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