Freezing Christmas Treats

by Joan
(Mannum SA)

Am I able to freeze christmas treats such as rum balls, truffles, macaroons, christmas cake made with glace fruit (glass cake) fudge, rocky road?

Regards Joan


Hi Joan,
Yes, everything you listed you can freeze ahead. Here's a few tips to help.

  • Make sure everything is comepletely cool before freezing.

  • Freeze entire batchs when possible and cut into pieces later. Less surface area means it's less likely to dry out or get freezer burn.

  • Freeze each recipe in a seperate container. For example; if you make chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge sort each of them seperately. This helps to keep flavors from mingling.
  • Use a high quality freezer container. I like to freeze cookies and delicate stuff in plastic wrap first, to protect the flavor and then put them in a rigid container to keep them from getting crushed.

  • Let them defrost before unwrapping so that any condensation ends up on the wrapper and not your treats. Thaw delicate things, like your fudge and rum balls, in the fridge first.

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