Freezing food that's been in the fridge.

by Jennifer

Last night I made eggplant parm. We ate some for dinner, and I planned to freeze the rest. I covered the leftovers with aluminum foil in a glass baking dish and placed it in the refrigerator to cool. I remembered it 5 AM the next day, which means it was in the fridge covered in foil for ten hours. I then removed the foil, replaced it with plastic wrap and a sealable lid, and transported it to the freezer. Is it okay that it cooled in the refrigerator over night in foil?

Hi Jennifer,

Absolutely it's fine that the food cooled in the fridge. That's actually a good thing because you don't want to put hot stuff in your freezer.

However, so far all the eggplant parmesean recipes I've tried turned out watery and messy when I reheated them.


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