Freezing Onions

Freezing onions can be a huge timesaver in the kitchen. While some people say you should never freeze onions, others swear by having a stash in the freezer.

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Freezing Onions

You can't expect the same texture from a raw vegetable after freezing.

After thawing they won't be crisp and can't be used for garnish or in recipes where the onion isn't cooked.

For best results don't thaw your raw onions before cooking.

They can go straight into dishes like soups, stews and casseroles.

The smell of onions can ruin other foods in your freezer.

Onion cookies anyone?

That's Ok. I didn't think so.

Just double or triple wrap raw onions before freezing to keep the smell from spreading.

The best way to keep the smell in, and keep it off everything else, is to wrap the onions in plastic food wrap before bagging.

You can also use multiple layers of freezer bags for extra layers.

And just for a little more piece of mind keep your onions with your other veggies, away from things like baked goods or desserts.

Freezing Onions

Onions can be flash frozen if you want to just pour them out of the bag to use any amount or use them without thawing.

Try lining your pan with waxed paper before flash freezing, this way you can put on more onions and they'll break apart easier.

If you don't flash freeze expect the diced onions to stick together.

Onions do not need to be blanched before freezing.

Raw onions can be peeled, chopped and frozen. The small 100 calorie snack bags hold about 1 cup of roughly diced onion; that's about half of a large white onion.

Tip: Save the skin! The root and top ends along with the skins can be tossed into a freezer bag and used when you want to make broth. I also add celery stalk bases and carrot peel to the same bag.

Tip: Use your food processor to chop or mince lots of onions at once. It saves on time and tears.

Freezing Onions

Green onions or chives can also be chopped and frozen.

Because we tend to use less chives in a recipe these should be flash frozen.

Leeks can be sliced in half through the leaves and bulb leaving on the roots. This way you can wash them easily.

Freeze halved after washing or slice it up first.

You can freeze carmalized and sauteed onions for use in recipes as well.

Onion rings can also be frozen after baking or frying.

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