Freezing Par Baked Pizza


Pizza in woodburning oven.

Pizza in woodburning oven.

Question: I make pizzas in a wood fired stone pizza oven. A local cafe is interested in selling them. I am going to par bake the pizzas and just wanted to know what was the best way to freeze them - vacuum them or just wrap? I would really appreciate any suggestions you have?

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Answer: Hi Angela,
What a great idea!

I don't bother vacuum sealing food unless it's going to be frozen for a good while.

But since you're talking about selling frozen pizzas to a cafe that will later sell them to people to take home, who might not be eating them for awhile it probably wouldn't hurt to just vacuum seal every one of them.

This way they should last just as long as any store bough frozen pizza since those are vacuum sealed too.

You might also try par-baking only the crust and adding the toppings once the crust has cooled. Then flash freeze the pizza before vacuum sealing.

This page might give you some more ideas: Homemade Frozen Pizza.

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Thank you
by: Angela

Thanks a million for your response!!!

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