Freezing Pies

by Holly
(Baltic, CT)

I made way too many pies at Thanksgiving and was going to freeze a few but the recipe didn't recommend it as the recipe said they would seperate from the crust. Specificially the pie was Pumpkin. Is there are good way to freeze pies of that type? I also made a cheesecake and it too did not recommend freezing but I have purchased both these types from the freezer section in my local grocery store so this doesn't make sense to me.


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Pumpkin Pie and Cheesecake Freeze Fine
by: Michelle Zack

Hi Holly,

I freeze pumpkin pie without a problem and my cheesecake freezes fine too.

With pumpkin pie some people do have trouble with it weeping or the crust not being as crisp. They most likely fail because they're trying to freeze the pie assembled but unbaked.

That gooy pumpkin filling can soak into the crust as the pie is freezing and/or thawing.

I tested like a zillion ways to freeze/thaw pumpkin pie last year and had better results with the ones that went straight to the oven without thawing.

That's why I prebake and reheat in the oven OR freeze the raw filling and crust seperately.

Did the cheesecake recipe say why not to freeze it? I'm not really sure why they'd say not to freeze it.

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