Frozen Assets Reader's Favorites Review

Frozen Assets Readers' Favorites
By Deborah Taylor-Hough
ISBN-10: 1891400185
ISBN-13: 978-1891400186

Another book in the series along with Frozen Assets and Frozen Assets Lite and Easy

Designed with freezer cooks in mind this book opens to lie flat and had a three ring binder approach so you can take out recipes to mix and match your freezer cooking sessions.

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In the Getting Started chapter Debbie talks about 'Crisis Meal Planning,' deciding what's for dinner at the last minute and how freezer cooking can help you avoid it. She talks about the money freezer cooking can save, gives tips on using freezer meals for hospitality and outreach and restoring your family's dinner hour.

For beginners the book covers freezer containers, labeling your meals, what to and what not to freeze, freezer cooking for special diets and how to experiment and learn which of your favorite recipes can freeze.

Then, as you'd expect for a book subtitled Cook for a Day Eat for a Month, Debbie leads you through creating your own thirty day meal plan.

Being reader's favorite recipes they span from light and healthy to rich and indulgent, there's something in this book to please any palette. The recipes are mostly from scratch, only a few include cream of soups and others call for specific brands of seasoning.

You'll find simple everyday recipes like Beef and Noodles, Old Fashioned Chicken and Rice or Baked Ziti and fancy enough for company dishes like Blueberry French Toast Bake, Cheese Manicotti and Stuffed Pork Chops. Every recipe includes freezing and serving instructions.

On page 129 Debbi covers the mini-session where you make four or five different recipes with similar ingredients in one day. For example, the third mini session is vegetarian and includes Vegetable Fried Rice, Ricotta Broccoli Pie, Cheese and Veggie Quesadillas, and Three Cheese Lasagna. There are shopping lists for four mini-sessions included.

The back of the book includes blank pages for your own recipes, a weekly meal planner, blank copy-able freezer labels, a master shopping list and freezer inventory list as well as equivalency, pan sizes, yield substitution, freezer storage and refrigerator storage charts.

Frozen Assets Readers' Favorites  is a great freezer recipe book for everyday family meals and some entertaining. It's a one stop shop for beginners and full of new ideas for the experienced freezer cook looking for more variety.

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