Frozen Bread Recipes

And Freezing Techniques

Frozen bread is great to keep on hand because it doesn’t go stale or grow mold.

Bread can be frozen as unbaked dough, partially baked or fully baked loaves, rolls or buns.

And it gives you the convenience of fresh bread whenever you want it, ready to eat, bake or rise.

Wrap bread in freezer quality materials, the plastic bags that loaves come in are not good enough to prevent your bread from freezer burn if it’s frozen a long time.

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Frozen Bread Recipes and Techniques

How long to freeze bread?
Freeze bread in the store wrapper for a month or less.

Plastic wrap and tinfoil will keep your bread for up to six months.

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Par baked rolls, buns or bread sticks should only be kept two-three months, but if properly and individually wrapped you can get four or five months storage without freezer burn.

Bread batters can be frozen for three to four months.

Yeast dough should only be frozen two to three months.

Yeast kept in the freezer too long can lose it’s ability to rise and lift the bread.

To help your dough or batter keep its shape freeze it in a bread pan and then repackage it in a freezer bag or plastic wrap and aluminum foil once it's solid.

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Frozen Sandwiches guarantee a fast lunch.

Make them on the weekend for the whole family and have lunch packed and ready in no time.

Bread Recipes

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