Frozen cooked dried beans (and food safety)

Question: We made an extremely large portion in a counter top roasting pan and, at the last minute, the function was canceled. I had no containers to put it all in to freeze so left it in the roasting pan and put all in the freezer. Is there any danger in the reheating of these beans to serve?

Answer: Once they are frozen any bacteria goes dormant. So my question for you is how long where they on the counter and at what temperature before they went in the freezer.

As a general guide, any food left out at room temperature for 2 hour or more that is usually stored in the fridge shouldn't be eaten.

There's no danger in they way you froze them except for them drying out. And if the beans weren't fully cooked, in my experience it's hard them tender later.

I know that's not really a straight answer but I hope it helps,

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