Frozen Salsa with O.J. fruits and veggies

by Diane H.
(Upper Michigan)

Someone recently told me you cannot refreeze Frozen O.J. In my salsas I use a combo of Fresh Squeezed O.J.with some pulp, a partial Frozen O.J. (to kick up the flavor) and tomatoes, tomatillos, Cilantro, Freshly ground Ginger, green stemmed onions chopped, etc. Is this combo O.K. to freeze? I have done it in the past and never had any problems but now I've been told I shouldn't do that although they weren't sure why either? It was passed on to her by another person I guess. It is delicious and when my Garden is in make quite a bit of it. It's great over grilled chicken, steak or even Pork Chops.
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by: Michelle

Hi Diane,

That sounds great! Since your just adding your orange juice concentrate to your salsa and then freezing again it's not a big deal.

Frefreezing is more of a concern if you thaw something, cook with it later and then refreeze the leftovers.

Since you are adding it to a recipe just pull it from the freezer as you need it and refreeze right away and you'll be fine.

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