Seasonal Freezer Cookbook by Jeni Wright et. all

Freezer information by Jeni Wright
Starters and vegetable recipes by Caroline Ellwood
Main-courses by Clare Ferguson
Desserts and baking recipes by Carole Handslip
ISBN-10: 0706418255 ISBN-13: 978-0706418255

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The 'Seasonal Freezer Cookbook' does a great job on the freezer information at the beginning. It covers how to choose a freezer, freezer insurance, cleaning, maintenance and emergency repairs. Wright gives detailed instructions on defrosting the freezer and lays out everything you need to know about freezer containers and packaging followed by a section on freezer terms and techniques.

Some recipes are classics, some recipes are a bit dated, being that this book is from the early 1980’s. The recipes are measured in grams/ounces and milliliters as well so they aren’t for the beginning North American cook.

But the recipes are not the reason to get this book. The ‘Seasonal Freezer Cookbook’ is the best printed authority I’ve seen for how to pick, prepare and freeze fruits and vegetables.

There are seasonal chapters that each end in holiday menus with recipes and instructions and, of course, it’s a freezer friendly menu.

The book has full color pictures has go along great with the recipes and descriptions of the seasonal fruits and veggies and the ways to prepare and package them for the freezer. The detailed instructions for each fruit and vegetable make this book a great resource for anyone interested in freezer cooking.

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