Once A Month Cooking

Once a month cooking (OAMC) is the just one way to adapt freezer cooking to your lifestyle.

Simply put you make ahead enough meals for the whole month.

Yup, 30 meals in one day.

Sound good?

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It can be, if you're organized and willing to spend a whole day in the kitchen, and I mean a whole day.

How Do You Start Once a Month Cooking?

You start with a plan. Seriously, without a good plan you'll have a really long day.

Traditionally oamc cooks just made dinners but some people prefer to mix it up with breakfast and or lunch items too.

Most OAMC sessions are only for 10 or 15 dishes.

You double or triple the freezer recipes to make 30 meals.

This reduced clean up and makes the day a lot easier.

Many OAMC sessions actually happen over three or four days.

The first day is spent deciding on recipes, making a shopping list and dividing up the work into logical steps.

The second day is for grocery shopping.

Later, the second or on the third day, you'll be preparing stuff for the big cooking day doing tasks like grating cheese, pre-cooking meats or chopping vegetables.

The last day is spend assembling the recipes and freezing the meals.

Helpful Hints For Those New to Once A Month Cooking:

Always try a single meal of a recipe before you make a bunch for the freezer to see if your family likes it.

You're not saving time or money if you fill your freezer with meals your family doesn't like.

If it's your first time I suggest you make 3 each of 10 dishes, this will give you a feel for the process and fill your freezer without taking on too big a project.

Expect to have food left over at the end of the month. Sometimes you'll be eating out or want to cook something new.

Learn about other methods of cooking make ahead meals to find the one that's right for you.

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