Plastic Freezer Containers

Rigid plastic freezer containers are super simple to use.

Unlike freezer bags rigid containers don't have to be flash frozen.

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To use plastic containers just fill them and pop on the top.

These containers can not go into the oven (they'll melt and smoke and make a nasty hard to clean mess) or be used on the stove top (same sad story) but most can be microwaved.

Don't buy plastic containers that can't go in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

If you currently have some that can't recycle them and buy new ones that can.

If all your plastic is safe for these three uses you don't have to try to remember which ones are safe and only need to pick the proper size.

Those old yogurt, butter and sour cream containers aren't high enough quality to use in the freezer and should go where they belong - at the curb, next to the trash, in the recycling bin, not in your freezer.

Although plastic containers are versatile you'll still want some freezer bags around for awkwardly shaped foods and some glass pans for the oven.


Microwave safe
Dishwasher sage (top shelf only!!)
Easy to fill and stack
Assorted sizes
Easy to seal


Can't go in oven (except Plastic Bakeware)
Can hold smells
Can stain
Can crack if overfilled


With rigid containers you might need to leave what's called headspace.

Headspace is just room for liquids to expand when they're frozen.

Without headspace when food expands it can pop off the lid or crack the containers.


Plastic freezer containers come in just about ever size possible from single portion snacks to family dinner size.

You can buy an assortment with three or four of the most popular sizes or buy each size separately.

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