Prevention's Freezer Cookbook by Sharon Sanders

by Sharon Sanders
ISBN-10: 0875964680 ISBN-13: 978-0875964683

'Prevention's Freezer Cookbook' starts with information about bulking in bulk and in season to save money, how freezing preserves nutrients, what and how to freeze, proper wrapping and labeling, how to manage your frozen foods, thawing tips and recommended storage times for frozen foods. Great information of the beginning freezer cook.

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Prevention's Freezer Cookbook: Quick Dishes For and From the Freezer

All of the recipes come with nutritional information and a cost analysis. Granted the cost analysis is no longer accurate because the book was published in 1998 and food prices have gone up dramatically, it’s still a base for the budget conscious consumer.

There are some common recipes and some great new recipes and ideas that can easily be added to any dinner rotation. The fish and seafood section is perfect for inspiration and variety. The recipes are simple, flavorful, healthy, from scratch, sure to please and budget friendly.

Also this book has recipes for and from the freezer meaning that not all of them can be completed and then frozen. However the book is very clear which recipes are from the freezer and which are for the freezer.

There are also tons of kitchen tips about freezer cooking and recipe variations. The index is well laid out and the whole book is easy to use. This is a great resource for any cook beginner or experienced.

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