Stephanie Allen Dream Dinners Cookbook Review

by Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna
ISBN 10: 0-06-078422-9 ISBN 13: 9780-06-078422-5

You might have heard of Dream Dinners before, they are the franchise that helps people assemble and freeze meals in advance for home cooked family dinners. But since they don’t have a store near where I live I’ll just be reviewing their cookbook.

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First of all, I feel compelled to tell you that that not every recipe in Dream Dinners cookbook is freezable because the subtitle is a bit misleading. Most are freezable but there are some that aren’t and they are not labeled as non-freezer or anything like that, they simply don’t have instructions for freezing.

All of the recipes come with measurements for one or three batches of the meal. That way you can make three, have one for dinner and get two meals in the freezer without having extra cleanup to do or just make one for tonight. I also love this because I think everyone should try one batch of a recipe before making extra for the freezer.

Some of the recipes use things like egg substitutes to be healthier, but that is not my idea of healthy food. I prefer real eggs and the authors use their egg substitute in measurements equal to real eggs so it’s easy to use the real thing. Stephanie Allen also recommends yogurt-based spreads instead of margarine or butter but you can easily use whichever you prefer.

Most recipes are from scratch but there are some that use things like pancake mix, bread dough, canned soup, ravioli, dry stuffing mix, biscuit mix, onion soup mix, even a BBQ sauce made with a can of cola. Overall it’s a good variety of meals that are simple and healthy.

The back of the book includes labels with thawing, cooking and serving directions you can copy and attach to your meals. Also the index is well laid out and easy to use.

The recipes are modest enough for dinner any night but exciting enough for company or entertaining. Dream Dinners makes freezer cooking easy and dinnertime simple. This is a great book for any collection.

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