The Best Freezer Cookbook

The Best Freezer Cookbook
By Jan Main
ISBN-10: 0778800342
ISBN-13: 978-0778800347

Some recipes are from Jan and some are from authors of six other cook books compiling their freezable recipes together here.

The first chapter covers the basics: how freezing preserves food, what freezes well, general tips, packaging for the freezer, storage time guideline, instructions on thawing food and caring for and organizing your freezer.

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The second chapter is on freezing fresh foods and preserving the harvest including freezing fruits and veggies, meat, poultry and fish.

Other Chapters include the Harvest Freezer, Weekday Meals, Entertaining and Baking followed by A Month of Meals.

A Month of Meals gives a four-week meal plan for lunch and dinner from the recipes in the book with no shopping list, organizing or cooking instructions.

All the recipes are from scratch with measurements given in both cups and milliliters and use everyday ingredients. The vast majority of these recipes can be prepared and frozen ahead, but some simply use ingredients like chicken and bell peppers from the freezer to speed up a never frozen meal.

With an eye toward the gourmet and some fresh ideas along with some classic recipes you’re sure to find something your family loves in The Best Freezer Cookbook. Try Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Potatoes with gruyere or cheddar, Ground Chicken Pizza with mushrooms and peppers, Pork Apple Curry, Mini Cheese Souffles, or Cinnamon Chocolate Torte.

Full page color photos will leave you desperate to taste these recipes.

The index is easy to use, the freezing and serving instructions are clear and easy to follow and the recipes have helpful tips and variations included.

I don’t know that I’d say this is the best freezer cooking book but it’s in the top 10 and ideal for freezer cooks who have gotten their basic technique down and want to add some new dishes to their repertoire.

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