What are the Best Containers for Freezing Food?

by Kate

Question: Hi,

I am a student so I cook alone for myself. I would love to stock up in the freezer. I am experimenting with my own recipes for a while now. Some freeze well, some dont. I will share my ideas here soon. My recipes tend to be Indian most of the time since I am from India.

Anyway, my question is, what is a good way to freeze? Zip lock bags, ziplock containers? pyrex containers? wraping in foil.. I have tried all these... zip locks works best but you cannot reheat in a ziplock... After that pyrex worked best for me since I could reheat in the same container.

Do you have any suggestions?


Answer: Hi Kate,

The best way to choose a freezer container is to think about how you'll be reheating your meal.

It's hard to give concrete examples when I'm not sure what kind of meals your freezing, Indian cuisine is quite broad (and I know little about it so I'd love for you to share!). Also, if you haven't read this article about what foods freeze well it might help you.

So, let me assume you know how you want to reheat your meals and recommend containers based on that.

If you're reheating on the stovetop it doesn't matter what container you use since you'll have to transfer your meal into the pan.


Individual rigid plastic containers (like Glad and Ziplock containers) that you can reheat and eat in are best for most dishes. You can also easily thaw foods before reheating in these containers.

If you are flash freezing things that can be reheated in a bowl or on a plate, you can use a freezer bag for small portions or wrap them in plastic wrap and foil for bigger items.


Disposable aluminum foil pans are great because you just have to cover them, plus you can get much smaller sizes than the average Pyrex containers. These work well for prepared dishes you only need to heat and serve.

If you're thawing your meal first and then dumping it in an oven-safe pan you could use a freezer bag. This method is best for meat in a marinade type meals.

Glass pans (like Pyrex) also works well for bigger quantities plus it can go in the microwave too.

Silicone is freezer, microwave and oven safe and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can use it to flash freeze and pop your meal out for storage in a freezer bag much more easily than any other pan.

There are disposable oven (and microwave) safe paper and plastic freezer containers as well. However, they are only oven safe up to specific temperatures (usually in the 375-450 F range) which vary based on the manufacturer.

If you have specific dishes you still need help with please ask, just give me some details so I know what kind of meal it is.

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