When to cook Freezer Meals

Should you cook freezer meals and then just warm them up as you need them, or are you freezing uncooked?

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It Depends
by: Michelle Zack

Choosing to cook something before or after freezing isn't always easy. It depends on the recipe and how much time you think you'll have when you want to eat it.

Some recipes are better frozen before cooking them. Generally casseroles are made with pre-cooked ingredients so there's no reason to bake it again before freezing just to have to reheat it.

Here's more info on freezing casseroles.

Something like a stir fry on the other hand I'd freeze as a 'meal kit' meaning that I'd freeze the raw meat in a marinade in one bag, the veggies in another and any pre-cooked rice or noodles in yet another bag then put them all in a larger bag for storage.

Some recipes, like calzone (think of a large pizza pocket) can be cooked before or after freezing. The difference is a pre-baked one can be reheated in the microwave in minutes and a raw one could take an hour in the oven (time depends on size).

Hope that helps

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