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by melissa
(Frisco, TX)

I recently had gastric bypass surgery, so now I can only eat in small quantities. Because of this, I have begun to freeze my leftovers from dinner in small single serving sizes. So being new to this, I was wondering if it is ok to freeze a whole dinner together in one container. For instance, tonight I made pork chops, with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. Then I layered them in containers to freeze... Mashed potatoes on bottom, gravy, pork chop, and green beans on top... Will this freeze ok and will it thaw and reheat in a normal way...? help. I have no idea what I am doing lol
Thank you,

Hi Melissa,
Do you usually plan ahead enough to thaw your meals? For individual portions I usually just reheat in the microwave from frozen.

You mght try freezing the pork chop in a seperate container or wrapping it in plastic wrap (to hold in any juices) and foil then putting in with the potatoes, gravy and beans after they are frozen. That way you can reheat the chop seperately and it won't get overcooked while the potatoes heat through.

Hope that helps,

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by: Melissa

Actually that does help! Thank you!

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